Created in Illustrator, the background image of the game board was based on an original map of USA railroads in 1870. The art deco elements are both decorative and functional, indicating the rows of tiles that slide. The image is printed on vinyl and then applied to a single sheet of 15.75in. square acrylic. The permanent transparent Track Tiles are then glued in place.
Track Tiles & Cards
The Track Tiles are laser cut from clear acrylic. Images printed on label stock are then applied to the tiles. Every Track Tile that includes an image has a corresponding Card.
The Cards are printed on card stock. The images are either former or existing railway company logos, or illustrated versions of union stations located in various places across the USA.
Inspiration for the Trains came from the Sierra No. 3. 
After sketching, the train was then modeled in Fusion 360
Finished Trains after being 3D printed on a Form 2 and painted.
Sketches of various aspects of the game.

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